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Hiring Graphic Designers

Job Responsibilities:
1. Mainly responsible for poster, folding, magazine design, corporate album design, product packaging design, product manual design, sample design, graphic layout design.
2. complete the design task assigned by the design director;
1. Strong creativity and planning ability, good writing ability and quick thinking;
2. Accept freshman, can bear hardships and stand hard work. Good teamwork and professional ethics.
3. Familiar with common design and production software such as Photoshop, CDR, AI;
4. serious work, responsible, practical and willing to work, full of team spirit, want to make a difference.
Hiring Foreign Trade Sales Manager / Supervisor
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Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for overseas market research and demand analysis;
2. Responsible for annual sales forecast, target setting and decomposition;
3. Determine the target system and sales quota of the foreign trade sales department;
4. Formulate foreign trade sales plans and sales budgets;
5. Responsible for the management of foreign trade sales channels and customers;
6. Set up sales team and train sales staff;
7. Evaluate sales performance and build a sales team.
1. College degree or above, related majors such as marketing;
2. 2 years of work experience in foreign trade sales industry, experience in foreign trade sales management is preferred;
3. With rich customer resources and customer relationships, excellent performance;
4. Possess strong market analysis, marketing, promotion ability, good interpersonal communication and coordination ability, ability to analyze and solve problems;
5. Have strong professional ambition and have a certain leadership ability;
6. English level 4 or above, strong listening, speaking and writing skills;
7. men and women are not limited.
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kb88凯时 -移动端下载
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